Monday, January 14, 2013

Truth takes another hit

Last week, the guitarist for Christian fill-in-the-blank-core band (loud noisy stuff for the uninitiated :-) ) put up some interesting tweets about Christianity, homosexuality, and acceptance. Here's the Alternative Press article on the events, with the tweets.  Of course, as with any speech about homosexuality that doesn't just absolutely accept it as normal behavior and demand all adhere to that opinion, there was much outcry and internet flaming declaring the man an evil hater who should be wiped from the earth.  The decision from the band and Mike Reynolds was that he would leave the band, reporting that he is moving on to Bible college and possibly mission work in the Middle East (where, by the way, his view on homosexuality would often be considered nowhere near extreme enough, check the listed nations, legal status and possible punishments in the middle of this article from the Economist)
This stirs up many thoughts.  The first is to try really hard not to judge For Today or Reynolds for their decision.  Hopefully there was much prayer and discussion that went into it, not just trying to hide on his part and media damage control on the band's.  The second is that, reading the statements, there's nothing hateful there.  He is being honest about a Biblical attitude towards a sin, calling a spade a spade.  He doesn't elevate it as a worse sin than others, he doesn't call for gays to be strung up from the streetlights, he simply calls out the various fractions of society and of the church that are not being honest.  Let's tweek some words here.  What if he said "there's no such thing as an adulterous Christian" or "there's no such thing as a mass murderer Christian" (we're talking actively involved and trying to justify their actions, not someone who has seen the light and asked forgiveness).  Would there be any outcry from within the church, or from without?  Not likely. 
Just because something is socially accepted does not make it God accepted.  No matter what the excuses we come up with (it's genetic, it's natural, we can play with the words and interpretations from the Bible to say it's not a sin, ect) we have to stand up and call out sin as sin.  We still love the sinners, because they are in the same state we were before we got saved, and in the same state we occasionally slip into when we fall off our own spiritual wagons, but we have to love them enough to be honest with them and ourselves.  It's just amazing how the other side absolutely refuses to engage in any actual debate on the status of homosexuality as a sin, instead instantly demonizing anyone who dares speak out against their sacred cows.

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