Monday, November 7, 2016

Trump is like.....

President Donald Trump would be like chemotherapy.  It's painful and makes you sick.  It does do some damage to functional parts of the body.  But, if properly applied, and provided the cancer is not too deeply ingrained or too far along, the chemo can kill off that cancer and give the body a chance to survive and heal.  There are several cancers in our government, the one I think Trump would be most effective against are the career, business as usual politicians who haven't felt the effects of their own governing for decades. 

Will chemoTrump be properly administered?  Honestly I'm not sure.  His volitility is well documented.  We may very well be destroyed by the attempted cure.  Is the cancer too advanced and entrenched for chemoTrump to wipe out?  Very possible.  There may be enough forces trying to hold on to their positions that one four year treatment or even a second four year treatment may not be sufficient. Those cancer cells fail to realize that their existence and growth keep killing that which they are attached to. 

A Trump presidency will make mistakes, rest assured.  But it will most likely make the types of mistakes that need to be made, the ones that will upset apple carts domestically and internationally that need to be upset.  If those mistakes aren't made, the ones that come otherwise may not be ones that can be rebuilt from.

What I would like to see happen Nov 9th and beyond

I've been sitting and stewing on this for a while, and want to go ahead and unleash it before the actual election hits.  One reason is because enough things have happened this election cycle to make me think these events might actually transpire.
First off, Trump wins.  Not that he is a great golden savior by any stretch of the imagination, but that rant will come shortly.  A solid win, does not have to be a massive, Reaganesque landslide, but enough to avoid a debacle like Florida, 2000.  This leads to a splitting of the Republican party, on one side the business as usual, high ups who have been fighting Trump tooth and nail the entire cycle because he is not one of them, not a "say what needs to be said to win the election, then not do squat once we are in" politician, which is what got us Bill Clinton and Obama in the past. 
On the other side of the split will be mostly voting Republicans, not people holding office, but the actual working stiffs who believe in the principals of the Constitution and all that stuff the GOP used to stand for.  Ideally, the business as usual folks will hold the Republican name, the dissenters can form an actual Tea Party.
"But if there is a split, that leaves the Democrats unopposed!!!!" you may be thinking.  With the numerous revelations and realizations that have come from this election season, from the DNC collusion to keep Sanders and his supporters down to Bernie selling those same supporters up the river to put off his suspicious suicide a few months to the multiple faces Hillary has shown in her leaked emails, liberals should be realizing that the Democrat party doesn't represent them either.  The party of the donkey is full of business as usual politicians as well, say what needs to be said to whoever needs to hear it so they can line their pockets and their ballot boxes.  All those Berners should have ample reason and substantiation to dump the power and money hungry Dems and either join the Green party, making it a more significant force, or make a new party of their own, leaving the Democrat party severely damaged, and giving us a four party fight instead of the supposed two party state we have now. 
Enough people on both sides of the aisle, and many standing in the aisle, seem to have reached a tipping point, where the D's and the R's seem to be facing a very real possibility of joining the Whig and Federalist parties on the ash heap of history.   A Trump victory would likely be the final push.  At least that's what it looks like from here, and that beats the alternative....