Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I'm Back (and it's anybody's guess as to for how long) :-D

New year, time for the traditional "getting back to writing" post.  There are always lots of excuses for not doing stuff.  A long, nasty election season, the nasty, long effects of that election, the evidence that low information voters are making low information decisions and higher information voters are giving up, the horror of the Colorado theater shooting and the Newtown school shooting, and horror of the political ghouls leaping on the carcasses to throw in the fires of  their machine before the bodies were even cold.  The idea that taxing rich people more will fix our nations fiscal issues despite the fact that seizing the entire assets of the richest people in the US would only run the government for less than two weeks, and the fact that the aforementioned low information voters don't know enough basic math or economics to see through this distraction.
Fortunately, my little corner of the world has been going pretty well through all of this, and plots and plans are in the works to keep things that way, even make them better in many ways.  I know there are lots of people out there who are still doing well in the face of the big picture issues.  The headache is balancing paying attention to the bad, letting people know it's out there, and offering solutions with paying attention to the good, letting people know that it's out there too, and offering ways to spread that good around.
So that's the objective here for the new year.  Gripe about the greatest nation in the world going down the toilet at the hands of ignorant ideologues who have been building a Taj Mahal on a foundation of quicksand while talking about the folks who are trying to build something even bigger, even more beautiful on the rock solid foundations we started on, along with reminders that even when things look horrible from our perspective, God is always running everything, and His plans are working on a big picture we can't even imagine, a picture that makes our momentary discomforts like dust in the wind.  So happy new year y'all, here's to seeing a lot more from here.

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