Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What are you standing on?

A recent article popped up with scientists declaring they figured out why zebras evolved their black and white stripes.  The scientists discovered that flies are less attracted to the striped zebras than to solid colored horses.  (I first read about it here from the BBC) What's missing from the logic however is, what was it that figured out that narrow, alternating black and white stripes are not as appealing to flies?  It fascinates me how evolutionists so easily ignore that their house is missing a foundation.  Ok, zebras are striped to avoid flys, similar to the peppered moths that changed from a pallet of browns to one of whites and greys as their British environment turned grey from the industrial revolution.  But what was it that said "let's change from this color to that?"  The moths and zebras obviously didn't, both creatures lack the mental capacity to even contemplate such an action, much less the control over their genetic structure to effect it. 
Continuing on those lines, I was flipping through Newsweek at the magazine stand (evidently my free trial has run out) and found this article, wondering why evolution hasn't eliminated our desire for dangerous and unhealthy behavior, specifically drugs.  The author makes a humorous statement, that evolution isn't a perfect system, it's a random one.  That randomness is why that process hasn't eliminated our inclination towards self-destructive behavior, whether it's cocaine or chocolate cake. (An aside, should evolution also eliminate the whole genre of extreme sports?) Amazing how despite the huge logical flaw in the evolutionary mindset, we are the bitter clingers isn't it?  Logic and common sense tells us that things like zebra stripes need direction to occur, not just random happenstance, nevermind more even more complex things like opposable thumbs or the series of complex valves that prevents giraffe's heads from exploding from the blood pressure needed to run blood up to their brains when they bend down to drink.  Logic and common sense tells us that there has to be a foundation to build all of this off of. 
There has been a recent firestorm over certain mandates in Obamacare regarding birth control and religious beliefs.  There is a very simple solution to the problem.  Get back on the foundation of the U.S. Federal government, that document called the Constitution.  Is there anything there giving the Feds any power or right over healthcare?  No?  Problem solved.  Similar to the way evolution falls, no matter how much it's built on because it has no foundation, many of our present government problems can be solved by getting back onto the foundation instead of building additions that are not anywhere near that foundation. 
Over the last several years, many churches have begin condoning "alternative lifestyles", supporting various gay marriage actions, even ordaining practicing homosexuals.  All this despite the fact that the Church's foundation declares homosexuality a sin.  (In the interest of full disclosure, it's not any worse than the stuff I did before I was saved, or even stuff I've done since then, but I'll be the first to say those things were wrong, too)  Such actions are not the only things various churches are doing to build away from their foundations.  Becoming social clubs instead of lights to the world, becoming judgmental instead of loving (cut you off before you go there, it's much more loving to be honest with a person acting in sin than to accept it as OK, whether it's homosexuality, cheating on their spouse, knocking over liquor stores, ect, ect) among other actions. 
Foundations are a necessity, for houses, institutions, governments, ideologies and people.  If your foundation is weak, it doesn't matter how fancy or impressive looking your building is, how many arguments you can present to prove your point, how much you want to help people out.  The rain of logic, the wind of opposition and the floods of time will send it crashing down.  When your foundation is solid, none of those can knock you down.  The foundation of creation is God, the foundation of salvation is Jesus, the foundation of the United States is the Constitution.  We can see what happens as individuals, groups, churches, and governments move off those foundations.  A little logic tells us we don't want to be under those additions when they fall. 

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