Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Well, well, well....

One advantage of writing out one's thoughts, especially in a public and easily reviewed forum, is the ability to notice trends.  A trend I've noticed in my posts is frequent references to the same source material.  Right now, Ravi Zacharias and his ministry RZIM generate many of my thought processes.  This is mainly because Ravi has a version of his radio show that is edited into 15 minute segments, meaning I can listen to the whole broadcast on the way to work and still blast some music as well, as opposed to the standard 30 minute version which, depending on speed and traffic, I may not quite get through in it's entirety.  In addition, while none of them have made it here yet, I'm working through Oswald Chamber's "My Utmost For His Highest" devotional, and drawing a great deal of inspiration from that as well. 
When I initially noticed this trend, my thought was "oh dear, I need to diversify my input more".  Now there is definitely a point there, we can get hooked on or attached to certain sources of inspiration that can get us stuck into corners or even lead us off the correct path.  But on the other hand, The argument can be made that focusing on a specific source can help one draw as much knowledge from that source before moving onto another.  Think about a well.  If one is drawing clean, usable water from a well, and all indications are that the well is a good, deep one that can supply one for a long time, do you really have to have other wells immediately available?  Or can you continue to use that well, keeping in mind that it will eventually dry up or possibly not be able to provide as much water as is needed for your growing fields, and planning for that possibility? 
If you have a short list of favorite preachers, speakers, evangelists, hosts, ect, start the way you should start everything, hold them up to the Bible.  Not what they say about the Bible, but the Bible itself.  If their words and works pass that test (probably wouldn't hurt to run them by some trusted friends as well) take advantage of the well you have found.  Use it to quench your thirst and water your crops.  Keep checking it to make sure nothing starts seeping into water, and keep your eyes out for other wells, in case your fields outgrow the one well and need even more water than it can provide. 

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