Friday, May 21, 2010

The Snowball Gains Momentum

Ok, I know just a couple of days ago, I said some of us need to focus more on spiritual matters than political ones because spiritual matters more important.  But something happened this Thursday that punctuated the idea that we need to keep our eyes, ears, hearts and prayers on our leadership as well.  In front of a joint session of Congress, the leader of another nation stood up and told our elected representatives that his nations problems were the result of our laws and policies, and then lambasted the state of Arizona for choosing to make state immigration laws match federal ones.  The issue today is not the president of Mexico's words (the night before he was asked in a CNN interview about Mexico's immigration laws and he informed us that if you are illegally in Mexico you cannot work, if you are discovered in Mexico without permission they will ship you out, period, do as we say not as we do)  The issue today is that a large percentage of our elected representative gave him a STANDING OVATION for his verbal attack on America.  Let me repeat that.  A large percentage of our elected representatives gave the president of Mexico a STANDING OVATION for blaming Mexico's violence and crime issues on US laws and telling us that the new Arizona immigration law, which is not as strict or draconian as his own country's immigration law, is wrong.  There was a time when someone from another nation who spoke so vehemently against this nation's policies and laws would not be invited to Washington DC, much less be honored at a state dinner and get a speech in front of the entire Congress. 

This standing ovation is more evidence that we have people in our government who don't know or don't care about the founding principles of this nation.  National sovereignty was an important one of those principles.  That sovereignty includes maintaining secure boarders and exercising the rule of law.  This standing ovation is more evidence that America is rolling downhill, gaining more momentum, towards it's end.  I don't know if we've hit that point of no return yet, but events like this really make me wonder.  Is it time for those of us who believe in the Constitution to pack it up and wait for the house that has had it's foundation dug out from under it collapse, hoping to rebuild over the ruins?  Or can we still get in front of the snowball, dig our heels into the ground, and push the country back up to the top of the mountain?  I'm under no illusion that Republicans winning Congress in November will magically fix everything, or even that if it happens, the Republicans will follow through and fix anything. 

I am just in awe that we have such anti-American ideologues sitting in Congress that they would applaud such a vicious verbal attack on America inside the halls of Congress.   

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