Monday, November 7, 2016

Trump is like.....

President Donald Trump would be like chemotherapy.  It's painful and makes you sick.  It does do some damage to functional parts of the body.  But, if properly applied, and provided the cancer is not too deeply ingrained or too far along, the chemo can kill off that cancer and give the body a chance to survive and heal.  There are several cancers in our government, the one I think Trump would be most effective against are the career, business as usual politicians who haven't felt the effects of their own governing for decades. 

Will chemoTrump be properly administered?  Honestly I'm not sure.  His volitility is well documented.  We may very well be destroyed by the attempted cure.  Is the cancer too advanced and entrenched for chemoTrump to wipe out?  Very possible.  There may be enough forces trying to hold on to their positions that one four year treatment or even a second four year treatment may not be sufficient. Those cancer cells fail to realize that their existence and growth keep killing that which they are attached to. 

A Trump presidency will make mistakes, rest assured.  But it will most likely make the types of mistakes that need to be made, the ones that will upset apple carts domestically and internationally that need to be upset.  If those mistakes aren't made, the ones that come otherwise may not be ones that can be rebuilt from.

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