Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Holding to high (double) standards

A bit of writer's block today.  Lots of interesting tidbits to build off of in the news, like why is Lindsy Lohan even on the news and not relegated to Entertainment Tonight or Extra where such fluff belongs?  Or how about a discussion of the Occupy folks not realizing that protesting is supposed to be a means to an end, not an end unto itself?  Europe is getting closer and closer to economic collapse, which in this constant movement to a one world economy, is going to strike the sinking ship that is the American economy.  The new Cain harassment allegations remind us that character counts, but only if you're not a Democrat, reference Bill Clinton or Chappaquiddick or John Edwards if you don't believe me. I think we'll go off of that one today.  Herman Cain is a nasty threat to both the Democrat and Republican establishments.  He's not a career politician, he's not an extremist nut that can be easily dismissed, and more importantly, right now he's gaining a lot of support.  Suddenly, with that support rising, these old allegations arise.  Details are sketchy, just enough to generate headlines and speculation.  I'm not giving the man a free pass, but it's fascinating the furor and firestorm he gets, particularly from people who think Bill Clinton was the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Clinton settled his suits out of court, for a lot more money than what we've been told the Cain cases were settled for, and people moved on. 

The disturbing thing about all of this is the blatant double standard that raises it's ugly head.  Just not liking President Obama's failed attempts to fix our economic woes is reason enough to declare a person an evil racist, but the (left) attacks on Herman Cain have been some of the most disgusting racist garbage I've seen in a long time, calling him the Republican's "black friend" and accusing him of sucking on the conservative crack pipe.  Nobody but the evil conservative pundits are pointing this out, and even then it's still just more Republican racism. 

Another blip popping up on the news radar is a renewed fight between healthcare reform and Catholic organizations.  Many of these regulations are being used to try and push providers, especially adamantly opposed religious ones, to provide medications and services that go against their beliefs, specifically birth control and abortion.  Again that nasty double standard shows up.  You can't have a prayer at a high school graduation on the grounds someone in the crowd might not be a Christian, but you can force a Christian hospital to provide abortion services in the name of equality and freedom.  It's insane.

But, pointing out a problem isn't enough.  What's the solution?  Unfortunately, like last weeks topic, that solution isn't easy or quick.  It still lays squarely on all of our shoulders.  It requires us to step up and call out so called journalists who perpetuate these double standards.  It requires stepping up and teaching ourselves and our sphere of influence that what's good for the goose is good for the gander too.  It requires acknowledging that it is impossible to remove all the offensive bits from life without creating a flat, empty grey world.  It requires going to that Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have done to you.  Applying the rule before that would go along way to solving these nasty issues to, but maybe we'll just save that one for next week.

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