Thursday, November 4, 2010

Now the real work begins

Tues, Nov. 2, 2010 was a big night for American conservatives.  Much of the nation used the midterm elections as an opportunity to tell all of Washington, and many state capitals that they don't like the direction the country is going in, or the attempts that have been made to fix the problems we have.  No, it wasn't the great Republican blowout many hoped for, but that's ok.  We don't need a Republican blowout, much of the economic blood that has been spilled is on business as usual R's hands as well as D's.  But this is only the start of OUR work.  Yes, people, our job is not limited to making a check mark every two years.  That attitude is another big part of why we're in as deep as we are right now.  The next step is to keep our boots on the throat of D.C. (If it's a good enough phrase to for Gibbs to use on BP, it's good enough for our elected officials, right?)  As in every election, a lot of promises were made in this one.  Before the election we got a formal plan of action from the Republicans, of what they were going to do if they took back Congress.  Guess what?  They got the House, and significantly closed the gap in the Senate.  So now, We The People need to hold them to those commitments, and any that the individual candidates made as well.  This goes for you Democrats out there too.  The D's that held their seats are just as responsible for their campaign promises.   

This election fired up the the people.  Now that it's over, we can't just go back to business as usual.  We have to stay on our elected representatives, and tell them that if they aren't willing to hold up their word, then they will be putting "former" in front of their title, just like the people they are replacing.  Many of those who will be seated in January were plucked from outside the normal Washington circles.  We sought out candidates who weren't insiders, if they drink the Kool-ade, once they get in, we will just have to go find some more and vote them in.  The Tea Party movement has proved that there are still a lot of regular Americans out there who care about this nation, and are still willing to get involved.  Now we just have to stay involved, and remind everyone, including many citizens, that this is a representative republic, and those representatives are there to serve We The People, not themselves, not select groups, not but us and the nation's best interests.

You have your orders.

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